Webview Patient Direct Messaging

We are happy to announce that your care team is now available to you by electronic messaging!

North Olympic Healthcare Network patients are able to send and receive messages from their care team over a secure network provided by your Webview Portal.

WEBVIEW MESSAGING is intended to facilitate communication that would typically otherwise require a phone call. It is meant to allow the ability to ask and answer simple questions regarding topics such as:

  • Appointment and referral status clarification
  • Medication refill requests
  • Pharmacy information
  • Clarification of evaluation outcome or treatment plans from a prior visit
  • Basic patient education
  • Basic triage for minor conditions

WEBVIEW MESSAGING is not intended to be a substitute for a face-to-face evaluation by your provider of an acute medical problem or provide treatment (urgent or otherwise).  While the convenience of a “virtual visit” is tempting due to convenience, is not good patient care and risks unacceptable harm to our patients.  Emergencies and urgencies are clearly not appropriate for WEBVIEW MESSAGING.


It gives patients and provider teams the ability to communicate without being tied to a phone.   It should improve patient satisfaction by decreasing the number of phone calls/missed calls,  avoiding “phone tag”, reducing phone congestion, and producing shorter hold times.  Teams will respond as soon as time allows for these non-urgent issues – typically by end of day but may be up to 2 business days later.


Any patient who is registered for Webview is able to receive and send messages with their care team. If you are not yet signed up for Webview, talk with your Patient Care Coordinator about getting signed up to take advantage of this feature, as well as other advantages offered by the Portal. These other advantages include accessing your chart information, checking lab results, referral status, and making appointments.

Ground Rules:

Every WEBVIEW MESSAGING becomes a permanent part of your medical record. For that reason:

  • Keep all communication clear, and concise.
  • Be mindful of tone and content.
  • Long, repeated exchanges are a sign that the question is of sufficient complexity to warrant an office visit.
  • Abusive, profane, inflammatory, or threatening language is not tolerated – and use of such language (written or in person) is grounds for dismissal from the clinic


You will receive an email from “Webview@emds” notifying you that “Your health care provider has sent a secure message for you to review. “  You will be directed to your patient portal, instructed to login, and click the message inbox to see the message. You can respond from your inbox, or generate a new message through your portal in the same manner.

Other Advantages:

WEBVIEW MESSAGING has other ways to improve your care by

  • Having your after visit summaries (AVS) sent to you via WEBVIEW MESSAGING instead of printing. This would decrease the number of times sensitive health information is left out or lost for other people to see.
  • Patient education material (PDFs) can be sent to you by WEBVIEW MESSAGING.
  • You can receive reminders about overdue or needed health care by WEBVIEW MESSAGING rather than mail.