Dear Patients,


I am writing to share the exciting news that North Olympic Healthcare Network (NOHN) will be transitioning to Epic as our electronic health record (EHR) beginning February 2019.

Our predecessor, Family Medicine of Port Angeles, pioneered the use of the first EHR on the Peninsula, implementing our current system (Practice Partner) in 1997 as a way to improve patient care and experience. Since that time, EHRs have become the standard with nearly 90% of physicians and hospitals using some type of electronic record.  While Practice Partner has served us well, many new and improved EHR options have evolved over time.

Epic is a robust, flexible, and powerful EHR widely-used across the country. Olympic Medical Center (OMC), and its associated Primary Care and Specialty Physicians, adopted Epic as their EHR in 2015.  OMC is a major source of care for NOHN patients to receive consultations, diagnostics, and inpatient care – and having a different and incompatible EHR has made efficient communication of important patient-related information challenging.

Timely and accurate communication of patient information as they transition between care settings is an essential part of keeping patients safe, making them better more quickly, doing it more efficiently and making it less costly.  We are confident this transition to a common EHR platform will bring you efficiencies and improvement in care experience, outcomes, and safety.

It will also give you access to a much more robust patient portal, Epic MyChart, bringing easier secure access to your healthcare information and improved communication with your Care Team here at NOHN.

You will see no interruption in your care during this transition. All pertinent current information will be brought forward into Epic, and we will maintain access to Practice Partner as a permanent archive of past information. Although there will be a period of learning and adaption to a new tool, NOHN providers and staff are all well-familiar with providing patient care efficiently and effectively with EHRs and expect to be up to full efficiency in short time.

We look forward to this “Epic Journey” with you and are excited about the benefits this will bring our patients.  Watch for details and updates on our website ( as this transition moves forward.


Michael S. Maxwell, MD

Chief Executive Officer