Prescription Refills

At each visit, we will make sure you have enough medication to last at least until your follow-up appointment is due. Therefore, when you have no refills left, it means that it is time to schedule an office visit before your medication is gone.

As your medication supply gets low (no refills left) please call us (360) 452-7891 for an appointment. If you run out of medication please call your pharmacy. They will contact us and we will authorize a short refill within 72 hours to tide you over until your appointment. We prescribe and refill narcotic prescriptions only during an office visit.

Narcotic/Opioid Pain Medications

Current medical evidence does not support the use of opioids/narcotics for chronic non-cancer pain. Because our providers follow best medical practice guidelines, we do not prescribe opiods/narcotics for chronic non-cancer pain. Patients should expect any requests to refill or continue opioid prescriptions, especially from other providers to be denied. Your provider will instead work with you to find safer and more effective long-term non-opiod therapies to manage your pain.