We’re the only providers in Clallam County to offer this high-quality, full spectrum of services:

Full-Spectrum Primary Care

Our physicians are focused on creating lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families at all stages of life. From preventive medicine to diagnosis and treatment of minor or chronic health conditions, our highly-trained physicians treat your whole health – physical, mental, and emotional. Because they are trained in the most current treatments and technologies in all major medical areas, our physicians know when and how to treat you and when to bring in another specialist you can trust.

Obstetrics (OB) & High-Risk OB Care

We begin providing care for women even before the birth of a new child. Our physicians have advanced training to provide complete care for you during your pregnancy, labor and delivery – even if high-risk or special circumstances develop that might require additional intervention, such as a Cesarean section. After delivery we can continue to provide care for your newborn, just as we care for the rest of your family.

Integrated Health

Integrated Behavioral Health

We understand that your physical health is connected to your emotional and psychological health. To treat you in your entirety, our providers are trained in evaluation and treatment of common disorders such as anxiety and depression, and work in partnership with Peninsula Behavioral Health to provide specialty evaluation, consultation and referral services on-site within your medical home.

Dental/Oral Health Access

Oral health is very important to your overall heath. Tooth decay and gum disease are linked with many serious medical disorders which our providers can detect and help treat. NOHN has partnered with Irwin Dental Center and Sea Mar to provide access to dental services and advanced oral health care for those who may not already have a dental provider.

Nurse Case Manager

People with chronic or complex diseases often benefit from follow-up and help with health care needs between office visits. We have Nurse Case Managers who can:

  • Oversee the care plan designed for you by your provider
  • Stay in contact to monitor your condition
  • Provide additional education and answer questions
  • Facilitate earlier follow-up for care if needed

Pharmacy Assistance

As a community health center, we can help people who have difficulty affording medications by providing access to pharmaceutical treatments at a reduced cost through our partnership with Jim’s Pharmacy.

Patient Navigators

We understand that accessing and interacting with the healthcare system can be intimidating, complex and confusing at times. To help people overcome potential barriers to care, we have Patient Navigators who will assist you with tasks such as signing up for insurance coverage, coordinating appointments with consulting providers, arranging transportation, and identifying community resources for housing and assistance, if needed.

Transportation Assistance

If you have trouble getting to your doctor’s appointments due to transportation difficulties, our patient navigators can assist you. We also provide bus vouchers for Clallam Transit.  Please speak with one of our navigators about transportation assistance.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services

We are sensitive to our patient’s needs who may have a language barrier or disability. In order to overcome linguistic barriers to care, we have arranged for interpreter services on site. We have partnered with DT Interpretive services and have over 186 languages available to assist you. In addition, NOHN has providers on site who speak Spanish. If you need interpreter services, simply relay this to your care team and arrangements will be made. At NOHN, we provide assistance if you are unable to read and understand information we have given to you. Our patient navigators and/or case managers can assist you in understanding clinical instructions, educational material or forms. Ask any of us for more information on how to access interpreter and/or limited English proficiency (LEP) services.