Lissa Lubinski, MD

Dr. Lissa Lubinski

Lissa Lubinski, MD, a native of Minnesota, was raised mostly in a diverse little community near Dallas, Texas. Attending medical school at the University of Minnesota took her back to her Midwest roots until she joined the Swedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine Residency in Seattle where she met the love of her life, Dr. Ned Hammar. They spent five years working together in the Okanogan area where both of their sons were born. Living in Omak showed Lissa the beauty of living in a small community, and ultimately Lissa and Ned sought to live closer to family. They are thrilled to be putting down roots in Port Angeles and surrounded by the stunning geography.  Since working with Habitat for Humanity in college, Dr. Lubinski’s path in medicine has been shaped by a philosophy of working with people in need, not for them. She also finds inspiration in the beliefs of the real Patch Adams, particularly these words: “The most revolutionary act one can commit in our society today is to be happy.”

Degrees/Other Info

Medical Degree:  University of Minnesota

Residency: Swedish Hospital, Cherry Hill

Family Medicine and Obstetrics