In 1979, two physicians finished residency training in Spokane in the relatively new specialty of Family Medicine. They wanted to bring those skills to a rural community and chose Port Angeles, hanging out their shingle in a small house on 16th and C streets. They,and the physicians who later joined their partnership, became Family Medicine of Port Angeles and practiced the principles that lie at the heart of good primary care – providing high-quality care for people regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or presenting complaint in a continuous, caring, personal relationship.

Nearly 40 years, more than 10,000 patients and thousands of delivered babies later, FMPA’s dedication to those primary care principles remained unwavering, even in the face of momentous changes with health care. We’ve participated in the evolution of Preventive Care – realizing that diagnosing and treating disease earlier is usually better, and we’ve embraced and promoted the enlightened understanding that patients are partners in their healthcare.

However, because of the growing number of our uninsured or underinsured citizens struggling to access basic health care, the partners of FMPA decided to pursue a path to transform ourselves into a Community Health Center model. We became the first Federally Qualified Health Center  in Clallam County.

The Community Health Center model allows us to expand access to healthcare to those for whom it has previously been out of reach. It provides improved funding, support, and incentives to attract and retain physicians, as well as allows us to provide expanded services for our patients, including behavioral health and oral health services, nurse case management, patient navigators, and transportation assistance – all services that help us fulfill our core mission.

As a reflection of this transformation we took on a new name – North Olympic Healthcare Network. Although the name is new, our mission is not. We carry forward Family Medicine’s values, commitment, and its staff. Our excellent care is simply now accessible to more people.