Clallam County Community Health Survey

We need your opinion! 

Clallam County Health & Human Services, and multiple healthcare and human service partners are developing the county’s Community Health Assessment (CHA). The CHA will provide information about the health issues, strengths, assets and priorities of the county and will lay the groundwork for what the county should focus on over the next five years.  In order to hear from as many county residents as possible, a brief survey has been developed, asking questions about quality of life, social connections and examples of ways the community could be strengthened.

Hearing from the community is an important part of this process.

Click on the link below to take the short survey (should take less than 5 minutes):

Clallam County Community Survey

After completing the survey, it would be very helpful for you to help us expand our reach into the community by forwarding this survey on to friends and family for completion.  Your help will improve the chance that we can better identify and address the health needs of the community.